2 February 2009 Project 365

It was a beautiful sunset after work, but by the time I came to a spot where I could really see it....it was already gone...

1 February 2009 Project 365

WOW! One month has already past. I can't believe we are into February already! Superbowl Sunday was today...WooHoo....Steelers vs. Cardinals. Do you remember who won?
No, they didn't win. We were in charge of desserts, lots of sweets, Riley thought he'd puke, the girls played Princess Wii, the men yelled at the tv and the sisters chatted.....

31 January 2009 Project 365

30 January 2009 Project 365

King size sweets = King size cavities!

29 January 2009 Project 365

mmm....too bad it's not a peppermint white mocha from sbux...

28 January 2009 Project 365

Another snowstorm? Waking up to 3 inches of soft fluffy pretty white snow. When will it end?

27 January 2009 Project 365

Comfort foods, homemade mac 'n cheese.....

26 January 2009 Project 365

The children's section...