25 January 2009 Project 365

A new work week already? Where does the weekend go? We saw two movies this weekend! PAUL BLART - MALL COP - Hilarious!! and GRAND TORINO - wow, what a powerful movie!! Both will be part of our home collection when they are available on DVD. Now for the photo - we have about 6 degrees today, yep! It got nice and chilly again this weekend, but look at those beautiful icicles!

24 January 2009 Project 365

A Weekend of homework means working on the laptop. This is my wallpaper..isn't that cute? Keeps me thinking it's a great new year and I have so much to be thankful for!

23 January 2009 Project 365

Well, it's certainly warmed up, but look what comes with that warm temperature....grey ugly melting snow! It's supposed to get below ZERO again this weekend....I hope it goes quickly!

22 January 2009 Project 365

21 January 2009 Project 365

19 January 2009 Project 365

The sun is starting to shine....here's stinkey basking in the warm sunshine! I know, another kitty picture, as soon as it warms up outside, I'll have some more non-stinkey pictures!

18 January 2009 Project 365

Started to warm up a little. Today was my niece's recital. How sweet to see all those little ballerinas in their pretty outfits! I hope it stays warm for awhile, I'm ready for sunshine!

17 January 2009 Project 365

Yeah!! It's the weekend and that means movie time. We saw THE UNBORN..yeah, it's a good one! Could have used more of the scarey people, but it was a good one! I promise this is the only "picture" that I took of the movie...would be better but I took it with my cell phone....Love a scarey movie!!

16 January 2009 Project 365 Day Sixteen

I wonder if my Windstar really can go 120? Hmmmmmm.....

15 January 2009 Project 365 Day Fifteen

Can you believe it? This was taken at about12:30 today, -4???? And that's after it's been warming up all day! YIKES!


14 January 2009 Project 365 Day Fourteen

School started today! I'm so excited to be back in school. Three classes again. Tonight it was a Nutrition class, tomorrow is A&P II. I'm tired and cold and went right to school after work,so no time for photos....I took this one of my books that I bought today. Only $285...that's only for 2 classes too! Thank God I have my A & P Books from last semester!

Stay Warm & Cuddle with those you LOVE!


13 January 2009 Project 365 Day Thirteen

So, if you're from the Chicago area, you know we didn't have the wicked blizzard that we were told was coming! We have definitely had some crappy weather though.....the high today was at 5am - a whole 9 degrees farenheit......woohooo! And, that's without windchill. Crazy!

School starts again tomorrow. I'm stoked...we're supposed to get up to 4 more inches of snow - hopefully, we won't! I'm ready for sunny skies with warm temperatures and a dry driveway - no more snow!

12 January 2009 Project 365 Day Twelve

With all our snow on the ground and an expected blizzard, we were busy running around looking for a snow thrower. Were we lucky enough to find one? Yep, but it was put together wrong at the store and was missing parts, so we have to bring it back! Bummer! Bart cheers us up when it's gloomy out...look at that cute guy!

I'm tired of snow, but I LOVE photography!


11 January 2009 Project 365 Day Eleven

What a beautiful day it was. Sunny and light snow. We went for a drive through Wayne and I got some really great shots. Here's my photo for today. I hope you enjoy! Best wishes for a wonderful week ahead!

I love photography!


10 January 2009 Project 365 Day Ten

Lots of snow! Lots and Lots of Snow! I bet we've gotten about 8 inches since last night! It's pretty snow and I can't wait to get out and get some great photos tomorrow, but I want some sunshine and warm temperatures!
This is what the bushes in front of our front door looked like this morning - and it was still snowing!

I'll have more tomorrow!!!! Now to watch SNL with Neil Patrick Harris! Always good for a laugh!

09 January 2009 Project 365 Day Nine

I have been fighting a cold lately, and completely flaked on this little project. Had my photo taken, just didn't have the energy to post this littl diddy last night. Anyway, we've got snow in the forecast for the next 4 days (ack!) so I bet you're gonna be seeing a few snow related pictures!

This kitty is Stinkey. He loves to get his 20lb body shoved into this little basket that is filled with blankets. So cute!
Thanks for looking! Have a great weekend & enjoy the snow if you like it and if you don't have it, enjoy whatever you do have!

08 January 2009 Project 365 Day Eight

Not feeling too well again, but I liked how this one turned out & it was easy. Cold weather here again, I hope the latest storm they are talking about doesn't really hit us! Enjoy your life and loved ones!

07 January 2009 Project 365 Day Seven

So it was cold and snowy when I left for work - yuck! But I have to admit, it is very pretty. I love the look freshly fallen snow and this morning was beautiful. I knew exactly what I wanted to shoot today. This is a barn nearby our house that is just the coolest. Broken down and worn - it's awesome. Has a great big yellow circle painted on it, but you can't see it in the snowy picture. I'll reshoot this barn when it's sunny and summery - maybe their horses will be out too!

Thanks for looking! And thanks for all your comments!

06 January 2009 Project 365 Day Six

So, it snowed today and I forgot my camera at home so I didn't get a picture during the day. I did get this doozy...can you guess what it is? It's a chicken pot pie! I know, strange, but I like it anyway.
For those of you scrappers out there, Wendyzines has created some new actions that will take your Photos from an entire week and create a one page photo/layout! They are awesome. She's gonna get them to Scrapbookgraphics.com store soon, if I get a chance to play with them, I'll post it for ya here!!! She's awesome at her actions!


05 January 2009 Project 365 - Day Five

It's too cold and grey outside and it was dark by the time I got out of work. Tomorrow I should take a picture during my lunch hour.

So tonight, the feature is Riley's hot red electric guitar! Thanks for looking!

04 January 2009 Project 365 - Day Four

We put all the Christmas ornaments and decorations back into the attic today. Everything seems so naked and bare without all the decorations, but I guess that is why the day after Thanksgiving is so exciting! Until 2009 Christmas decorations!

I'm leaving this one out and having it hang in dining room - it looks to everyday to put away!

Don't forget to stop by and register at Scrapbookgraphics.com for Amy's templates that you can use for all your Project 365 Layouts! And, we've got a lot more to do than just using the templates, join one of our Monthly challenges or bi-weekly challenges, it's a great place to be @!

03 January 2009 Project 365 - Day Three

We went for breakfast this morning and it was Delightful! I took this with my little Kodak Easyshare camera that I always have in my purse. I didn't have my nice Nikon DSLR, but this worked for the photo that I needed today....Thanks for looking!

02.January 2009 Project 365 Day Two

It's Bart the dog


01 January 2009 - Project 365 Day One

Yes! I'm so excited to be starting this cool project. It's a photo a day for each day of 2009.

Check out these amazing templates by Amy Pearson, you can get them for free just for registering as a participant at Scrapbookgraphics.com.

Along with this project, I've decided to choose a word for 2009. My word this year will be LOVE. I choose to love more this year, love what is around me and spread more love. What is your definition of love?

Join us and have some fun! I'm looking forward to this project. When I'm done, I'm gonna make myself a book at Shutterfly.com too!